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JOIES DE L'ÂMEBelle âmeCette Mélodie Céleste va vous aider à rejoindre votre enfant intérieur, c’est à dire votre Âme.Les Messages qu’elle contient; JOIES DE L'ENFANT, ÉGO, RÉEL OU IRRÉEL, MAÎTRE DU TEMPS, et ILLUSION, vous guideront pour ce voyage intérieur…Unification, Amour et JoieP.S. Si cette vidéo te fait du bien... partage-la!Site Web : http://ramis-tri.net/

Posted by Notre vie parmi les anges on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

” Thank you Peter for this beautiful Celestial Melody that I took care of listened to Friday night before sleeping and I must confess that she opened a door in me and made me live something magical on that night…

This door that open is that of true love and something wonderful that I hoped for and asked for a long time arrived in my life in this weekend… I would say someone wonderful and the rest is to follow.

Thank you both, I love you ? XXX “

Sonia L. Québec (QC)