Diane Boucher

Since my birth, I have not seen or heard like most mortals. I do not distinguish the details of faces nor do I understand dialogues of great complexity, but I see auras, entities and deceased beings and hear messages from the afterlife.

Lecturer and teacher, I use my gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance that I received at birth to help Gaïa (Earth) as well as the humans who inhabit it to ascend, to clarify their spiritual approach and to find the full splendour of their personal inner light.

With love and simplicity, I wish to help you find YOUR POWER by accompanying you in liberating sessions.

Both guided by my intuition and by my spiritual guides, which are an integral part of my life, I take you to the depths of your Being so that you can free yourself of your fears, injuries, anxieties, phobias, etc. by using instruments that promote these releases.

Diane Boucher

Diane Boucher
Writer / Teacher /
Speaker / Spiritual Guide

Peter Clérin

Very early in my life, I wondered about the meaning of my presence on earth. I discover a natural talent for music; I begin to meditate, and this is where my spiritual quest began.

I have experimented with different energy transfer techniques, including spiritual reiki which inspires me in my musical compositions.

A little later, I had a vision; it was Archangel Raphael who proposed that I create personalised music that would help people in their spiritual journey.  This method combines music and energy transfer, I create “Personalised Music Therapy of the Archangels” (PMTA), which helps people on different themes related to overall health.

With transgenerational hypnosis, I accompany you to help you remove any negative programming (patterns) so you may release yourself from them. 

I also invite you to meet your guardian angel. After a consultation, it will be easier for you to communicate with your guardian angel on a daily basis.

I work as a channel of blessing through my gift of music to help individuals in their spiritual journey. 


Peter Clerin
Musician / Composer /
Spiritual Reiki Master / Hypnosis Practitioner