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Multi-dimensional Chakras:

“Laid down to listen to cd – exhausted – hyperventilating – low back hurting – feeling as though body racing.

Music and haunting chanting in background calmed down body immediately. I journeyed deeply into meditation right away. Each chant in beginning felt like a witch doctor casting negative spirits out of me. Many visions came as I listened to the music. The first vision was my sitting on a large rock near a waterfall watching the man chanting drawing dolphins to him. Then I saw myself with wings flying through the air. At times I witnessed beings watching the Earth questioning all the negative energy but acknowledging a bright light where Peter’s music was coming from. Then the chant became a prayer that echoed across the ocean, Amazon Forest and right out into the Universe. The vibration was calling in new world order, new consciousness, and hope. Each track that played on this CD brought in new visions and a new theme. At one point I saw the marsh growing new life in the Gulf where the oil spill was. Then all the healing of the world and Universe was focused on me and my body as though I was the Universe. Healing was taking place. At times I saw plaque being scrapped away from where it shouldn’t be and calcium buildups being broken down. After the wave of healing I saw an angelic woman smiling at me and I knew she was me. Then a man approached her and put his arm around her. I could only assume that male and female energies within me were also balanced. When the next track played suddenly I saw my ancestors, parents who had died, a son, so many loved ones approaching. Tears almost came from almost forgetting them all and what role they played in my life. Then I saw many friends I loved dearly who have probably crossed over now. I felt much emotion which probably meant a healing was taking place. I noticed my low back no longer hurt and I felt total surrender as I listened to Peter’s music and the chant intertwine back and forth creating a sound and vibration like nothing I have ever heard before. It was an extraordinary experience. Peter Clerin’s musical talents exceed the dimension of Earth. I never knew who was doing the chanting – maybe it was Peter – but I was told the soul of the person chanting and creating that hauntingly wonderful sound was an Ascended Master himself.

Bravo Peter – whoever takes the time to experience what this CD offers – will be well rewarded for doing so.”

Janice Stork, Sacramento California

“Often I meditate with your guided meditation albums, and my favorite is « Née de la Source » and since then, while meditations, incredible changes have occurred: I feel more at ease Confidence, I better control my thoughts and emotions and the cherry on the sundae … I can reach the state called « alpha waves » to all my meditations.

I am delighted to share with you this progression that would not have been possible without your meditation albums.

Thank you my friend Diane!”

Bernard, Bellechasse (QC)

“Each week I am thrilled to receive these lovely messages from the angels.  Often I forget about them arriving, and they never fail to bring a smile to my face and lift my whole day.  I find them to be encouraging; they always provide guidance on topics I am consciously or subconsciously dealing with in my life.

I highly recommend signing up to receive your unique angel message each week.  You will not be disappointed and will feel the love and warmth as the angels wrap you in their wings through Diane.”

MC, Burnaby (BC)

“At the very beginning of CD (PMTA) for healing of Bi-polarity, the voice of the speaker and the words he uses are the very first beginnings of healing. You are told to relax and to make yourself comfortable. Immediately, you feel surrounded by a warm feeling of healing and safety.

The music then comes up while you are in this state of relaxation. It enfolds you and embraces you with its healing energy. With your eyes closed and your body relaxed, the music is able to penetrate to the unwell part of yourself. You find yourself giving yourself wholly to the healing music.

At the end, the speaker comes back on and concludes the session, leaving you with a feeling of peace. 

Listen to this CD often in order to heal. In a word, this CD is spiritually awesome.

Ammi, Kentuky (USA)