Consultation d'IntentionPrivate consultation with Diane Boucher
Schedule: Appointment
On call : (418) 522-5411
Time : 1 h


We are all mediums as far as I am concerned, my mission is to awaken your soul and guide you on YOUR path of life. To do this, I offer you the opportunity to come to me to work on a specific intention or an aspect of your life that keeps you from moving forward. During this consultation, after understanding your intention, I start by reading your aura, which can be useful to ensure that you are well connected to your soul. Then I give you the information that is delivered to me by my guides to orient you towards an awareness that will bring you to a higher level of vibration so that you can see other ways or solutions that can alleviate the difficulties in your life.

You can also bring photos (children, friends, parents, lover, etc.) so that I give you some information with the goal to illuminate your path. It is also possible that a deceased person has a significant message to deliver to you during the consultation (if you have brought a photo of this person, it will help me to confirm if it is indeed them since I perceive the energies).

I look forward to helping you move to another level of awareness.

Note: This consultation of intention can be done remotely by Skype.



RunesPrivate consultation with Diane Boucher
Schedule: Appointment
On call : (418) 522-5411
Time : 1 h


Use the Runes to Discover :
  • What is my nature?
  • What is my Destiny?
  • Why I was born?
  • What is my vocation?
  • What is my cross?
  • What is my UN?
 For the Understanding of 3 Incarnations:
  • Birth / Childhood
  • Present
  • Future In This Life
  • Past Incarnation
  • Future Incarnation



consultation - hypnose alternativePrivate consultation with Peter Clérin
Schedule : Appointment
On call : (418) 522-5411
Time : 1 h 30


The hypnosis is a state to be completely natural and it is when we reach this modified state of consciousness that we can measure, repair or schedule ourselves for a better life.

I accompany you with this powerful tool to help you modify negative programmings and completely change your life.

Everything repeats ceaselessly from generation to generation.

Yes, but why?

With alternative hypnosis, I accompany you to help you remove yourself these repeating programs (“patterns”), freeing you and future generations.

In regression, I accompany you to a past life or between two lives to help you solve what prevents you from moving forward today.

I use various approaches of hypnosis (classic, humanist and Ericksonienne) by combining them in the alternative hypnosis and I accompany you in the work at the physical, emotional, rational and spiritual levels so that you can find your internal balance.  The more you are willing to get involved, the more you can change your life.

So do not hesitate to try this powerful tool that is hypnosis to finally become Master of your life!



consultation_ange_250Private consultation with Peter Clérin
Schedule : Appointment
On call : (418) 522-5411
Time : 1 h 30


I invite you to meet your guardian angel who has been with you since your birth.
Through this consultation, you will be able to ask for things you need to know for your evolution.
This meeting will bring a closer relationship between you and your guardian angel.
Thereafter it will be easier for you to communicate with your guardian angel in your daily life.


In this 5 hour workshop, you learn to see the aura and understand what its colours mean.


Schedule : 10 am to 4 pm (one day)
In group : 5 people or more
Duration : 5 h
Phone : 418 522-5411

You will learn the difference between energy and the aura and the meaning of each colour present.I will also teach you to see in 3D, to read auras and see the colours of the Soul. We are convinced that many people can see the auras without knowing it. It is common to say that one colour becomes you and that you can not wear another; you know instinctively.

Most of you have been shocked at one time or another to see a friend dressed in certain colours. You might not see his aura, but you felt that the colours were harmful to him. Thus, many people feel the aura, guess it, but since their childhood, they have been warned against the supernatural, they refuse to believe in this vision.

It has been proven that we have an influence on our health by wearing clothes of such and such colour. If you wear a colour that contrasts with your aura, you will be uncomfortable, in a bad mood, until you change it.

The same goes for the decor of your home; everyone knows that green is soothing and red irritating.  Colours, after all, are only vibrations.

Just like the vibration we call “sound” can become discordant or harmonious,  the silent vibration which we call “colour” can provoke a spiritual cacophony.

In this 5 hour workshop, you learn to see the aura and understand what its colours mean.



Schedule : 10 am to 4 pm (one day)
In group :Maximum of 15 people
Duration : 5 h
Phone : 418 522-5411


  • Learn to communicate with people on the other side of the veil, hear them, see them and feel them.
  • Taboos and fears will be explained to you.
  • This workshop includes a session with a person you will invite to join you from the other side.
    (Bring a photo or an object of that person).

Here are the types of responses or events you can receive from them: DREAMS where you see the deceased. You can talk to him, join him. He can tell you information, tell you he’s good, tell you he loves you. In the dream world, we move with the astral; Our filters, fears and expectations are disconnected, allowing easy communication with beings of high vibratory levels.

  • FEELINGS/SENSATIONS of a presence, behind you, in your car, at home. Fresh or warm air, but not ice cold. Sometimes as a physical manifestation or another.
  • ODORS: Either the favorite dish of the deceased or his perfume or eau de toilette, the smell of cigarettes if he smoked, at home or elsewhere.
  • MISCELLANEOUS SIGNS: Words, books, conversations where you read or hear things that “click” in your mind, and you know it’s a sign because it’s obvious.
  • MUSIC: Either their favourite songs or your favorite songs that often play on the radio regardless of the station, or where you are.
  • PHYSICAL: They stroke your arm, your face, your head, the sensation of a hand on your shoulder, you feel hugged, or goosebumps on your arm. These manifestations can also come from our deceased pets. These signs are often very present at the beginning, according to the consciousness of the deceased who has left this world, his goodwill, his capacity, his acceptance, his energy, many criteria are taken into account including our fear, our openness Of mind, our grief, our anger, our guilt. The visitations fade when the message of farewell has been understood, if the manifestations persist the deceased needs help or want to convey a message, the manifestations are then more and more insistent and spectacular. But even when they pass into the Light, they remain intimately bound to us forever. It is, therefore, healthy not to hold them back by our sorrow but to accompany them with our love so that they may know joy and light. The deceased have many possibilities to communicate with you; you just have to be attentive and receptive.

In this 5-hour workshop, you learn the techniques to communicate with people on the other side of the veil, to hear them, to see them and to feel them.



Schedule : 10 am to 4 pm (one day)
In group : 5 people or more
Duration : 5 h
Phone : 418 522-5411


Spiritual Reiki is a symbolless reiki that helps you transfer energy.  Through an initiation to reiki, I have received strength and confidence.

I will show you my techniques acquired from more than 25 years of working with this energy that are not officially part of Spiritual Reiki:

  • Stop blood, fire and other energies.
  • How to work with energy in a simple way.
  • Using long distant transfer energy with different techniques
  • Working with Archangels and Chakras
The goal is to be self-sufficient and effective in all emergencies.

You can incorporate this practice with other modalities such as massage, reflexology,  etc. It is a simple energy transfer that even a child can practice. One of the characteristics of spiritual reiki is that it is accessible to all. The technique is easily assimilated, and the practitioner can quickly treat himself or treat his friends, family or colleagues.

Spiritual Reiki belongs to the so-called energetic approaches, in which the practitioner intervenes on the vibratory field of the person. This skill is usually associated with meditation techniques or disciplines of spiritual practice as it has always existed, in one form or another, in the majority of cultures throughout history. But Spiritual Reiki is distinct from these traditional practices since it is stripped of all religious attachment and does not require a particular spiritual journey.